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Starbucks VIA Instant


Design Brief

fragmented Brand

Need to unify multiple instant beverage platforms (black coffee, latte, Refreshers, iced coffee) under the VIA Instant brand without affecting existing package form or material.

Low Market recognition

Consumers aren't familiar with the product. Need to increase recognizability and reposition VIA as the most premium instant coffee.

Target market too broad

Focus on connecting with instant coffee consumers who prefer the convenience and price of instant coffee.


Product Lineup BEFORE



Product Lineup FINAL DESIGN

Product Lineup FINAL DESIGN

In consumer testing, the VIA Instant brand and packaging design garnered 15-27% unit growth for the business and increased purchase interest. Perceptions of VIA strengthen universally with the new concept among non-buyers. Improvements were demonstrated among all attributes evaluated.

Packaging Redesign Features

Warm, light background

A warm watercolor wash provides a subtle, textured background that unifies the VIA Instant lineup, creating a cohesive shelf block and increasing visibility in both CPG (grocery store) and retail environments.

Color-cues in Side Panels

Washes of color on side panels link SKUs within a common platform or roast profile, which helps improve shopability.


Familiar Platform lockups

Using type lockups that consumers are accustomed to seeing on other product types, such as whole bean (rollstock) bags, improves findability on shelf and increases incentive to try the VIA Instant equivalent.

Watercolor illustrations

Playful, inviting watercolors reference Starbucks’ heritage and artistry while also providing a flexible way to reference the icons and artwork on whole bean bags, reflect the roast spectrum for black coffees, and highlight flavor cues.

LEFT Before  |  RIGHT After

LEFT Before  |  RIGHT After